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Key Specifications/Special Features:
System Features:
240V/120V AC Output
Simple wiring, easy operation.
Automatic switch to utility grid when the battery getting weak.
Charging & discharging status display.
Safety protection design for input & output wiring.
Charging & discharging controller module to protect the batteries.
High conversion efficiency, up to 90%.

Technical specs:
Model: SPOA-5000W
AC output: AC240V/120V±5% (2 AC output sockets)
Rated output power: 5000W
Surge power: 8000W
AC wave shape: Pure sine wave
AC frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz
DC input: DC 96V
DC output: DC 96V
Charging Voltage: 144 V
Displaying mode: LCD display

Charge controller: 96V/ 50A
Batteries: 12V/250AH * 12 PCS (Optional)
Solar Panels: 18V/150W*32 PCS (Optional)
Working temperature: -20℃~+60℃

Physical data:
Main cabinet size: 1400mm*620mm*1660mm
Cabinet casing material: Galvanized steel with spraying plastic.
Main cabinet weight: 250 Kg (Without batteries)
Solar panel size: 1482mm*676mm*35mm (Each)

ASPS12 Off-Grid Complete Solar Energy Kit -Panels+Case+Controller+Inverter, etc

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